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We Are Willing To Guarantee To Sell It In 15 Days Or Less – At A Price Acceptable To You, Or ​We Will Pay You $5,000!
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Selling with Annie vs. Listing With A Local Sales Agent


Realtor CommissionsTypically 5% of the sale priceSeller has no realtor commissionsSeller has no realtor commissions
Typical cost of Inspections to provide for potential buyers$500-$1,200 on averageNo CostNo cost
Staging the House cost
On average, $2,000 paid by sellerNo staging neededNo staging needed
Updating the House i.e interior Paint, light fixtures, landscaping, deep cleaning, handyman work On average $10,000No Repairs NeededNo Repairs Needed
Typical number of open houses & showingsUsually a min of 2-3 full weekends, with showings during the weekdays.One Showing to the One BuyerOne showing time for MINIMUM 10 Cash Buyers
Who Pays Closing CostsThe seller typically pays 7% of the sale priceNegotiable with the Cash BuyerNo closing costs for you! Buyer pays costs
Typical Number of Days to get a buyer in contractAverage is 25 days in the Bay AreaTypically write an offer immediatelyTypically write an offer immediately
Chance of getting MULTIPLE OFFERS​If the house is fully updated, and gorgeous, and in a good school district, probably a 75% chance you will get multiple offersNO ChanceOn Avereage 85% of the time there will be multiple offers
Appraisal/Loan and Property Contingency Time Frame (meaning they can back out during this time frame)​90% of Buyers have a contingency time frame for on average 15 daysNo contingency time frameNo contingency time frame
Day until the sale closes​Usually 30-45 days from the day the contract is signedTypically 10-14 daysTypically 5-14 days
Cost and time to pack up and empty House​At least 15 days to pack/empty house at an average cost of $5,000Negotiable if you have to remove your unwanted itemsNo removal of unwanted items needed
Number of days you can stay in the house after the sale closesTypically none, but a paid rent-back time period can be negotiated if neededNegotiableNegotiable – You decide how long you need. Often times it’s at no cost to you!


The six things that differentiates us from other local sale agents

Sell your House for TOP-DOLLAR

We will bring A MINIMUM of TEN (10) Cash buyers to your house to drive the price up by willing and able cash buyers.

Multiple Cash Buyers Bid on the House

Why risk showing the house to only ONE cash buyer when you can have at least 10? Know you are getting the benefits of a quick sale, with no hassle, but also the BEST price.

Sale As It Is

No need to update the kitchen, fix cracked tiles or leaky toilets, no need to repair the roof or update landscaping. Our buyers will buy the house in it's current condition

No Need to Dispose Anything

We can handle the disposal of anything you don't want. No need to donate items or truck them to the dump! Our buyers will buy the house AS-IS - stuff you don't want included!

Guarantee To Sell It In 15 Days

We Are Willing To Guarantee To Sell It In 15 Days Or Less - At A Price Acceptable To You, Or ​We Will Pay You $5,000!

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